In 2009 Hamid Plastic Industries Gujranwala started its new project of manufacturing PPRC Pipe & Fitting. Name was decided Sea Rock PPRC & Fitting. When we started manufacturing Sea Rock PPRC & Fitting few other companies were also manufacturing PPRC & Fitting but by the grace of almighty Allah and with the help of very hardworking team within a period of 3 years Sea Rock PPRC pipes & Fittings recognized as a quality product across the country.



All green pipes are not suitable for water supply systems. Green pipes those contains material which is suitable for health are better for water supply system. Sea Rock PPRC & Fittings is a company which is never compromise on quality & standards. Sea Rock PPRC & Fittings are made of best quality poly propylene. Which designed for the need of internal water installations and central heating system.  Experience team is associated with Sea Rock PPRC & Fittings which always try to work for excellence.